Welcome to the wonderful world of
Thai Massage!


What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is an ancient healing art and one of the five primary roots of Traditional Thai Medicine. The western title of ‘massage’ can be a bit misleading as this modality is more like 'physical therapy' when used for its therapeutic potentials beyond relaxation.

While Thai massage is perhaps most known for its beautiful passive stretches, in actuality there are many more techniques that can be utilized in addition to stretching. Techniques utilized in any one session can include deep compressions, Thai acupressure or Point work, Sen line work, nerve plucking, Wind Gate work, Tok Sen, abdominal manipulations, cupping, scraping and more.

This beautiful healing art is very dynamic. Many techniques are soothing, nurturing, gentle and rhythmic; others can achieve significant physical restructuring of our body’s alignment. Due to this wealth of options, the style of each Thai Massage session can vary widely from gentle and deeply relaxing to invigorating and intensely transformative, often both in the same session.


What Does 'Thai Bom Baat' mean?

บำบัด 'Bom Baat' means therapy, to rehabilitate. It is usually used in the term for Physical Therapy,
Kaya Pahp Bom Baat.
More than just relaxation and maintainence, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain greater function, stability and comfort in all activities of life.


What should be expected of a Thai Massage session at TBB?

That depends on what you need and what you want.
In the Initial Assessment and Therapy you and your therapist will discuss areas of concern, symptoms of dysfunction (pain, tension, restrictions), impact on activities of daily living and desired outcomes. Your therapist will then tailor your session to your needs.

Sessions are typically performed on a mat on the floor. Clients remain clothed in loose, comfortable, or stretchy clothing. (We are able to accommodate those unable to get down and up from the floor, as well as offer clothing for those who need or want them.)

Your therapist may use thumbs, hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet as needed and where they will be most effective. Sometimes practitioners apply their full body weight in sitting, kneeling and standing techniques as well.

As a recipient, you can experience the healing benefits of Thai Massage in a number of ways. Increased flexibility and joint mobility, improved circulation, relaxation, injury recovery, pain reduction, elemental balancing, grounding, and detoxifying, are just some of the expressions used to describe the effects of Thai Massage.

Unless otherwise requested, your session may be on a heated mat. Some sessions may include hot herbal compresses, cupping, scraping, and/or balms and liniments. Balms and liniments to take home may be recommended and will be available for purchase.